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Comedian Lil Duval is coming under fire this morning, for some controversial tweets that he sent out last night.

In the tweets, Lil Duval criticized Black women for wearing wigs - in particular lace front wigs, or "frontals" as he calls them.

According to the tiny comedian, Black women look "stupid" in the wigs. Lil Duval claims that the lacefront wigs only "look good on camera."

He added that Black women shouldn't wear wigs because, the "wig texture don't blend in with the skin on your face."

Here's the full rant:


Black women all over soacial media are outraged by Lil Duval's comments. Here are some comments that we found:

I can’t stand men who think they can tell women what to do with their body. Who dafuq does he think he is. 

I was going to see him during his comedy tour in October, but I won’t anymore. Absolutely not.

A bad bitch in a frontal must have hurt this little man's feelings.

Did anyone ask for his opinion on how women choose to wear our hair?

Some of y’all really have to understand how the world works functional happy straight men are not talking that shit!!

A few weeks ago Chris Brown has slammed by the whole Internet (almost) after saying that he only likes – to put it lightly – girls with nice hair. Since then, there’s been an intense debate on social media regarding people’s preferences in men and women.

Lil Duval seems to be supportive of Chris and has some thoughts that he wanted to share with the world.

Unfortunately for him, people don’t seem to agree at all with what he had to say.