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Lil Durk Quits Howard University Homecoming Show

Lil Durk was performing at the Howard University Homecoming Show but quit halfway because the sound was so terrible, he said.

"Aye, look. We supposed to did more songs but this shit sound so bogus, I don't even feel this sh*t, for real. But I appreciate y'all for f*cking with us in this motherf*cker, man," he said.

He then walked off the stage. Video of the performance seems to show that it wasn't about the sound. The crowd just wasn't that into him.

Lil Durk and his girlfriend India trended online this summer after news spread that the pair survived an attack in their home, where goons ran up in his crib and shot at them.


Both came out of the shootout unscathed.

According to DJ Akademiks, the shootout is one of a series of attacks in the area.

"Lil Durk's residence in Atlanta had heavy police presence and was possibly raided due to an investigation about a shooting and other crimes. They said there was an alleged shooting around where he lived at. This is a gated community, they called him the victim," said DJ Akademiks.