Rapper Lil Dicky is full of confidence and has proclaimed himself as an "elite, world-class rapper," as he promises new music.

Since breaking into the mainstream, Dicky has focused more on endorsements and television, and his fans have noticed, but Dicky says he still got it.

"I just wanted every Dickhead to know that even though I'm putting out a real doozy of a TV show in March, I've never stopped rapping. And Lil Dicky the musical artist is far from done," he begins his Instagram post.

He then compares himself to Drake:

"I know that it's been about four and a half years since I've put an album out, and that's much longer than either you or I would've hoped for. It must be annoying, I get it. If drake took that long, I'd be so sad! And I'm sorry for that. I don't like letting you down."

He continues, "I can’t wait till it’s out so I can get back to the music that made you care about me in the first place," he wrote. "I’m an elite, world class rapper, and I look forward to proving that to the world, and validating all of you who believed that I had it in me in the first place."

Read the full post below.

Have y'all missed Lil Dicky's music?