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Lil Dicky has revealed that a Bar Mitzvah helped him launch his rap career many years ago.

He said that when he turned 13, his parents would not let him have the money he was given from family members during the ceremony. They held onto his coins for a decade.

"Finally, when I was, like, a 23-year old I thought, 'What am I gonna spend my money on?'" he confessed to Good Morning America. "I actually used my bar mitzvah money to finance my rap career.

He says his parents were against the idea, but he managed to talk them around. He adds that they were shocked that he actually made it.

"I happen to be in the position where my life is very naturally entertaining," he adds. "I'm a rapper, and I go on tour and rap in front of thousands of people, but then, at the same time, when I record, my nose is too stuffed. It's the juxtaposition of those two worlds."