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Lil Cease has finally apologized to Lil Kim for testifying against her in her 2005 perjury trial - which led to her doing some time.

Celebs got together to celebrate Notorious B.I.G’s 47th birthday and member of the Hip Hop group, Junior Mafia were in attendance. 

Cease committed the ultimate act of betrayal when he testified against Kim during her perjury trial in 2005. She spent a year behind bars thanks to her former friend and colleague.

 “I apologize for the things I have done that may have hurt you or affected you or made you feel bad,” he said to Kim in front of the attendees. “I genuinely apologize, I love you from the bottom of my heart. You not my real sister, but you are my sister, I love you for life. I thank you for bringing this energy here.

Kim appears to accept Cease's apology and gives him a warm embrace.

Would y'all be so forgiving?