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Rapper Lil Bibby found out the hard way that you should never put your homeboy on loudspeaker in front of your girl - if you're doing any dirt.

In a video shared online by DJ Akademik's on Instagram, Bibby is seen talking to a friend on Instagram live. The friend is then seen asking his "are you with your um... uh uh uh."

Bibby is then seen laughing nervously before his girl (who is not in the camera view" then asks "with what?"

"With what? What are you talkin' about? Huh? Why he say that?"

Bibby then responds" why he say what?"

"Ah ah ah" she replies.

Not that we're condoning Bibby's dirt - but he should have known better than to put his homeboy on loudspeaker without at least letting him know first that he was with his girl. Bibby then tells the lady several times that he's on "live."

What do y'all think happened next?

You can watch the highly awkward moment below.