Lil Baby's Baby Mama Shades Him Amid 5-Year-Old Son's Rap Release


The baby mama of rapper Lil Baby has released a song of the their son-- and she wasted no time throwing jabs at her baby daddy.

Baby Jason's rap debut at his 5th birthday party was shared over social media. As his mom, Ayesha, celebrated, a fan chimed in that his superstar father should have also been in attendance.

"All that matters is that my son is happy I don't care about Petty childish mad ass people and there sucker moves I'm gone always stand behind mine," she wrote in response. "And there isn't a man or woman that could change that and that's the difference. And I plan on instilling the real in my son as long as I breed a real man out this situation I could truly careless about anything else."

Is Baby Jason too young to be pursuing a rap career, or does his mama have the right idea?