Lil Baby To Label: Give Me $5 Million Or I’m Going To Hustle, F*ck It!!

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Lil Baby hopped on Instagram Live to tell his fans that he wants his label, Quality Control to cough up $5 million or he's going to hustle to get his coins up.

"I told my label, they need to give me $5 million or I'm going to hustle, f*ck it," he says in the video. "I can't be sittin' in no house. I get money. Give me $5 million or I'm doing what I do."

Lil Baby says that anything he does will all be above board.

"Nah, I don't gotta sell no drugs. You know, I just hustle. Ain't gotta be no drugs, just something," he continued. "I know my label care about me. They don't want me out, got damn, doing no bullsh*t, so they gon' f*ck with me."

Quality Control founder Pierre "Pee" Thomas caught wind of his live session, and didn't appear to be too pleased with his comments.

Check out his reaction below.