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Lil Baby has revealed that he was instructed to start beef with fellow rapper DaBaby over his rap moniker.

Speaking to Joe Budden on the recent episode of The Pull Up, he shared that once DaBaby began to blow up, his camp began to speaking privately about creating a feud over the similarities in their rap names.

"I always heard it from day one," Lil Baby said. "A n*gga will be like: 'He tried to say this,' and I'll be like: 'No.' Every time. I made sure it wasn't going to be nothing."

Dababy's rap name as originally Baby Jesus until it was changed to DaBaby after some folks took issue with the it. Lil Baby says that despite the similarities in the names, that's where the comparisons end.

"I seen him at South by Southwest before I really started rapping with a diaper on like on some baby sh*t," Lil Baby confessed. "Even though my name was Baby from like hustling before rap. I actually seen him. I got a song with him for a feature before he got hot. ... He don't sound like me. He don't kick my swag. His name just 'DaBaby.'"