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Lil Baby recently visited The Breakfast Club for an interview, and very quickly, fans accused the rapper of being high on drugs after he appeared to slur his words throughout the interview.

During the interview, Lil Baby picked up his water bottle, turned it upside down, and appeared to pour himself an imaginary glass of water -- and fans were convinced that he was under the influence of something, likely Percocet.

"I don't take Percocets," he tweeted.

But his fans are not buying it, and quickly pulled up several clips of the rapper acting offbeat -- and made a pretty damning case.

Last month, he also talked to the New York Times where he addressed the fan speculation.

"I'm trying. Because I done rapped about drugs that I don't even take. People think I take 'em and then people take 'em thinking I take 'em. Like popping Percs [Percocet]. I don't pop Percs—period. Every now and then, I used to take a half of one, but I say it in my raps because I might pop one and that's what's going on," he admitted.