During the recent 'Love & Hip Hop: New York' reunion show, viewers watched Joe Budden and his fiancee, Cyn Santana go off on Safaree for bringing his fiancee, Erica Mena on a trip - but Safaree claimed that the turnup was all for the cameras.

Budden has threatened to put Safaree's face in the sand during the series and then repeatedly warned him to watch his tone, as he challenged the couple over how they handled the situation in front of the camera versus when they were alone.

"He turned up for the camera because me and Joe were together on the same bus on the way to the bonfire. He didn't say nothing but when it was time to film, then it was 'I'll put your face in the sand. That's turning up for the camera. That's fake. That's not real sh*t," Safaree said on the reunion stage.

It seems that viewers agreed:

Do y'all agree with Safaree that the turnup wasn't real?