Things between Love And Hip Hop Miami Trina and Nikki Natural got real on the reunion show after Trina called her children "dirty."

Trina got in her feelings after Nikki clowned her by referring to Trick Daddy and Trina as the "King and Queen crabs of Miami." As the fight escalated, Trina yells "Dusty dirty brace teeth ass b*tch sucking 90-year-old dick to take care of your dirty ass kids!"

TSR caught up with Nikki after the drama and here's what she had to say.

 "Honestly she doesn't have to apologize to me or my kids. I hope she learns to not speak on another woman's children in a manner that she did that night. I felt it could've been just focused on me and not my family. I worked too hard to give my children a lifestyle that most are unfortunate to not be able to have, no matter the cost. I really hope she learns from this and she could be a better person because GOD DONT LIKE UGLY!"

Oh, dear. The beef is far from over.