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'Love & Hip Hop: Miami' star Bobby Lytes was decided to shoot his shot at the recently outed country/rap star, Lil Nas X.

Last hopped onto Twitter over the weekend to announce to the world that he is gay, and it seems that Bobby has had his eye on the 'Old Country Road' singer.

He shared a picture of Lil Nas X, with a shirt open showing his bare chest, and a white cowboy hat to match.

"#MCM ❤️🤷🏽‍♂️ somebody tell Lil NasX I’m tryna riiiiidee till I can’t no more!," he wrote in the caption.

Even Zell Swag chimed in and echoed the sentiments, "Now you know that’s all me sis" he wrote in the comments section.

This week has been great for the rapper as many of his fans and followers appear to be supportive of him since coming out. 

Not only that, his breakout single, "Old Town Road," has officially topped the Billboard Hot 100 charts for 13 weeks - making it the longest-running No. 1 hip-hop record ever.