Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Moniece Slaughter has taken to her social media once again to call out the producers of the show and to reveal that she will not be attending the reunion.

"For the last month I've been depressed. I'm overwhelmed. I didn't leave my house all week last week except to get food. Food I couldn't eat. I don't sleep. It's been blow after blow after blow. I literally can not handle anymore. And to be honest," she wrote alongside a post explaining that VH1 producers had asked her to stay off social media last week.

"I have never in my life been so grateful for a chapter to end. I'm so glad this is my last season. Tonight I got tagged in a clip of my vocal lesson scene. I sang MY OWN SONG. IN MY OWN LESSON. WITH MY OWN COUSIN. This is the 2nd scene where my music has been cut so this non singing. Cum guzzling. D*ck monger. Could blab about sh*t that don't nobody give a f*ck about. We listened to her F*CKING whine her raggedy verse overshadowed her with simple harmonies for these stupid f*cks," she continued.

It seems that Moniece has had it with just about the entire cast. In all of her years on the show, very little of it has focused on her music, and the majority of her storylines have been about her personal dramas.

This season, the central storyline once again centers around Fizz and his latest squeeze, Apryl Jones. 

Is she right to call it quits?