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'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood' star A1 Bentley is known for his flamboyant style - but some fans think he's taken it a little bit too far with his latest nail polish escapades.

A1 posted a clip of his new, colorful manicure - with a different color on each fingernail.

"🖍🖍🖍🖍🖍 Might Need a Nail Polish Endorsement 🤷🏽‍♂️ somebody come holla at big A1" he wrote in the caption.

But his fans want him to stick to the black polish and think his new look is way too much:

"U don’t need a son with all that freak sh*t leave the polish alone"

"Everybody will probably take it easy on you if you just come out the closet🤷🏽‍♀️"

"That’s gay af yea u fuccxn a man on the low or he fuccxn u cuz ain’t no straight man bout to wear nail polish"

"I just want to know..WHY?? What does this mean??"

But some were in favor of the trendy new look:

"for the people in the comments — do y’all make fun of LGBT boys too? for painting they nails?"

Are y'all feeling the new nails or nah?