Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star A1 is being accused of cheating on his wife Lyrica Anderson - after a new video showing him with Summer Bunni leaked.

Instagram model Summer Bunni is back in the spotlight again now that the video of her Facetiming with 'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood' star A1 Bentley was 'leaked' online.

Summer Bunni is, of course, most known for causing upset during Cardi B's marriage to Migos rapper Offset and the couple split for several months. But during the Facetime chat, A1's face is clearly visible. 

Messages between the two were also 'leaked.'

In the video, A1 is asked by Bunni why he's acting funny and whether he has people around. He says that there are other people around and she then tell him to ‘keep that same energy I won’t forget it' before he tells her that he will call her. 

This does not look good. His wife Lyrica Anderson recently gave birth to their son.