Former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Milan Christopher has spoken out in defense of r&b singer Tank, following the backlash from his remarks about oral sex with other men.

Tank stated that a man giving another man oral sex one time does not make him gay. Milan agrees.

"If you saw me writing with my left hand, would that negate the fact that I'm right-handed?" he asked Too Fab. "If you saw me eating a salad, does that mean that all of a sudden, I'm vegan?"

He continued:

"I spent my whole high school having sex with girls and eating p*ssy. I ain't seen one person saying, 'Milan Christopher is straight.' So, we can't be as judgmental," adding that, "It takes experimentation. We're human," he said. "If you want to get technical, I don't think a sexual act with a person is what makes you gay or straight. I think having love for that person is what makes you gay or straight."