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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood alum Hazel-E hopped on social media to break down exactly what work she's had done - and what she has not had altered.

"Last time I had surgery was to fix my nose on March 25, 2016," she wrote via Instagram stories.

"Before that was my breast reduction for my birthday in April 2015. I had veneers done only on my front 4 teeth in 2016 because I lost one in my crash. Just cuz my weight fluctuates doesn’t mean I’m sitting on surgery tables. I do get skin tightening and laser treatments, cool sculpting with are non-invasive. I also share it with y’all every time I go. Maybe a chick is happy. I’m not stressed out skinny no more & that’s ok! Plus Houston got me eating the best food in the world. That’s all…carry on"

The post was in response to followers who have accused Hazel-E of having her entire body tweaked by a surgeon: