Love & Hip Hop Atlanta alum Tommie Lee filmed herself on camera, ripping into a homeless man for putting his hand out to beg a fellow, homeless person.

"Uh, uh! Don't give him nothing! You need to be out on your feet, you need to go get it. She shouldn't be giving you anything! Get yo ass up," she barked at the man.

Tommie says that the man needs to get up and find himself a job instead of begging. It was clear that she was trying to instill a sense of pride in the man.

"Women and children, that's it. You get up, you get out here and you make a way… Let me tell you something young man, old man, you get up, you get off this mat right now, and you stand up with your chest out, and you go out here and make a way. Don't never hold your hand out to no woman."

Y'all agree with Tommie?