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'LHHATL's Tammy Rivera: I Regret Having Lipo!!

Waka & Tammy: What the Flocka star Tammy Rivera spoke candidly about having surgery during a recent interview -- and she says she regrets having liposuction.

"I've gotten my breasts done and I've gotten lipo in my stomach, which I never should have done," she told Leah Henry during an Instagram Live interview. 

"It was the worst decision I ever made. First of all, I didn't need it. I just decided like, you know how on the bottom you have a little something. When you have a baby that little pouch just doesn't go away. I was like, I'm gonna suck this little pouch out. By me doing that, I felt like the fat deposited in other places."

She denies having her butt done though.

"If I could suck this sh*t out, I would. I don't have to get a BBL, I don't have to take -- it's crazy, even when I go to my trainers, I say, 'I wanna lose my butt -- It's just too much butt!'"