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'Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta" star Scrapp Deleon is denying that he was ever in a relationship with Moniece Slaughter.

The news comes as a surprise, and Scrapp and Moniece are currently an "item" in the current season of the VH1 show. Just last week, we saw Scrapp dip out on his baby mama and turn sown a housekey to hop into Moniece's car. Moniece also claimed that they were seeing each other and that they had been intimate with each other.

During an interview on 'The Domenick Nati Show,' Scrapp denied ever having a committed relationship with Moniece. He said they were “really good friends.”

“We never were really in a comm…I guess for lack of a better term because I’m always trying to get my way out of stuff. We wasn’t in a relationship,” Scrapp added. “We had an understanding. I like you, you like me…”

He admits that they slept together but it seems as though the two were just friends with benefits.

We don't think Moniece will care too much. She appears to be back with her ex-girlfriend, AD.

Scrapp was filled with praise and support for his former girlfriend, Tommie.

"What's actually crazy is that when I heard about those charges, I was completely shocked because me and Tommie were together at one point. I've never even seen Tommie whoop her children. The most she may do is threaten to whoop 'em or just holler at them, but Tommie takes really good care of her kids. They love her to death. She actually spoils them. I think Tommie's a really good mom. When I heard those charges I was like, 'Nah, not Tommie'," he told Domenick Nati.

"I've never seen any signs of that," he added. "To be honest, I actually just wrote a character letter for her and just sent it to her lawyer just yesterday. Just speaking highly about her and the person that I know she is and things of that nature. I don't want her to get convicted. I don't think she's gonna get convicted. I'm rooting for the win for her."