Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant season 1 star Lexi Tatman revealed that she has been secretly pregnant and gave birth to a son on Monday.

The 19 year old had been hiding the fact that she was pregnant with her second child.

Lexi shared the two photos on Instagram yesterday and captioned them with baby details:

Jay Wolfe💙


19 in. 7 LBS 1oz

Welcome to the world little love💛

A few hours after she revealed her new baby on Instagram, Lexi went on Twitter to further confirm the news to fans. She wrote, “Thank you all for the kind words and congratulations ❤️.” Adding, “Me and Kyler chose to keep our pregnancy off social media to enjoy it and the birth. Thank you all for understanding 💙💛”

She later clarified that Wolfe is Kyler’s middle name and iterated her motivation to keep the pregnancy a secret. “We wanted to enjoy everything without putting it out on social media ❤️” She also reveals that she was 40 weeks and six days along.

Big brother Tobias seems to be adjusting to his new role slowly. “He’s still a little unsure but keeps petting and being curious about him lol,” Lexi tweeted

And here's a baby bump pic:

Here's her alleged new babys father Kyler: