Rock star Lenny Kravitz revealed what many of us suspected - that he doesn't bathe very often. The rocker claimed that he often goes "weeks" between baths.

And Lenny told a story about how he wore the same clothes for 60 days straight.

On a recent appearance on the Seth Myers show, Lenny admitted that he went on a vacation where he "rarely" bathed over a 60 day period. And during the trip, the rocker admitted to wearing the same clothes for 60 days straight.

Lenny claimed that after 30 days he smelled so bad that he HAD to wash his clothes. So the rocker took off his clothes, and washed the clothes using shower gel. Then he stood naked as his clothes dried in the sun. When they dried, Lenny put them back on and wore them for another 30 days straight.

The interesting part starts at around 2:47.