African American super producer Lena Waithe just announced that she and her wife of less than one year are separating. And according to a new report, the split comes after Lena was allegedly caught cheating.

Lena Waithe and her wife Alana Mayo made a joint statement to E! News. “After careful thought and consideration, we have decided to part ways,” it reads. “We have nothing but support for one another and ask that you respect our privacy during this time.”

The split comes as a shock, as the Queen & Slim writer/producer was just on the red carpet bragging about marrying her longtime love at a courthouse wedding in San Francisco. “We snuck and did it,” the Emmy winner revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to guest host John Legend. “You know, we didn’t make any announcements.

So what was it that caused them to split up? According to the popular blogger B Scott, Lena was cheating on her wife. And not just cheating, but spending money - tricking off on girls.

Here's what he's reporting:

Well, according to our sources — the quickie wedding came after multiple instances of Lena’s infidelity. Lena went along with it as a way to placate Alana and salvage their relationship.

Despite their official union, Lena’s alleged cheating continued.

“Even after they married, Lena was still buying designer gifts — Chanel, Gucci — for other women.”


Lena said in 2018, "I'm a huge believer in God and Jesus Christ, and that God made me and all those things. And I try to just be a good person. I think that is the base of my religion, is to be good, is, to be honest."