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Great news for Lena Waithe- her new project The 40-Year-Old Version, has been picked up by the streaming giant, Netflix.

Waithe is listed as a producer for the show, which was created by Radha Blank.

"It took years of trying to get this film made," Blank said in a statement. 

"It's my love letter to NY and its struggling artists as well as the NY artistic institutions that raised me — Hip Hop and Theater. I made this film in the spirit of the great NY auteurs who came before me but from an angle not often seen. I'm so very proud of the artisans, many from New York, who helped me craft this movie with such loving and capable hands. As a new member of the Netflix family, I'm excited about the global audience that this film will reach. I hope it will spark the next generation of fearless filmmakers in ANY part of the world. I'm thrilled that this came together with Netflix."

Weeks ago, Waithe announced that she and her wife, Alano Mayo, would be splitting. Shortly following the announcement, rumors of Waithe's infidelity circulated, and it is even reported that Waithe is now dating and living with Harriet actress, Cynthia Erivo.