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'The Chi' creator Lena Waithe has joined season three of 'Westworld'. 

Waite, 34, confirmed the news on her Instagram over the weekend as she posted a screenshot of an article published by Variety.

"All I can say is... it’s lit," she captioned the post. 

Westworld's official Instagram commented under the post, saying: "Welcome to #Westworld." 

The Emmy-award winning writer has been hailed for her Showtime series, 'The Chi' which is currently on its second season:

"When I sat down to write it, it was really just this desire to tell a very raw and uncut and just human story about the people that live there and go to work every day and are raising kids and trying to get into heaven. I really didn't sit down with any other intention than that. I felt like people were talking about the city or writing about it in a way that was really from a foreigner's perspective," she told NPR during an interview back in November.