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Lena Waithe has responded to recent allegations that she stole writer Nina Lee's work for Girls Room -- the name of her brand new project with Dove.

According to Waithe, she'd never even seen Lee's work:

"There has been an accusation floating around that I want to address. In 2019, I partnered with @Dove for their project #GirlsRoom. Prior to my joining the project, in 2017 a @Dove partner came up with the title and the concept from which my scripts were based. I was brought on to write the scripts and produce the content," she tweeted.

"I have never seen Nina Lee's work nor would I ever steal another artist's work. As a fellow creator myself, I can only imagine how she must be feeling and I love to #Dove to give us more clarity on the situation," she said adding that she's looking forward to seeing Lee's future works.

Dove also issued a statement denying any allegations of theft, but fans are convinced that the two projects are just too similar to be coincidental.

Check them both out below: