Actress Lela Rochon made news earlier this year when her husband, Hollywood director Antoine Fuqua, was caught kissing reality star Nicole Murphy in Italy.

Nicole initially tried to deny the affair. But after some prodding on The Wendy Williams show, she admitted to having a romantic dalliance with Lela's husband.

Added to that, there was some speculation that Nicole actually leaked the pics of her and Antoine to the paparazzi - in an attempt to destroy Antoine and Lela's marriage.

Well MTO News can now confirm that Antoine and Lela's marriage is NOT destroyed, and in fact, it's stronger than ever (for a time anyway).

We spoke with two people close to the Fuqua family who tell us that through prayer and faith in Christ, Lela has forgiven her husband. And Antoine is doing everything in his power to make it up to his family.

One insider explained, "God can cure all, and he's put [Antonie and Lela's] marriage back together."

And things seem to be going really well for Rochon-Fuqua household. For the first time since the Nicole Murphy incident, Lela has started posting loving pics with her husband on Instagram again.

Look at the location where the pics were taken - "a happy place"

In September, The Waiting to Exhale actress broke her silence and returned to Instagram posting a photo of herself with her wedding ring firmly intact.

"God is good," she captioned the post.

According to BET, "She was met with lots of love from her celebrity friends and peers in the comments including the likes of Lena Waithe, Tina Lawson, Vanessa Bell Calloway and Tasha Smith.

Rochon and Fuqua celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in April.