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Actress Lela Rochon and her husband Antoine Fuqua are back together and "happy", just two weeks after pics leaked showing Antoine kissing 52 year old beauty Nicole Murphy.

Lela showed up last night at the premiere of the David Makes Man show in Los Angeles where she was all smiles, and proudly flaunting her wedding ring.

Here are pics of Lela at the event:

And there's more. Lela posed on the red carpet flashing her giant wedding ring to the crowd. One of the journalists on the red carpet  shouted out to Lela "How are you doing" and Lela replied, "Happily married."

Here's a pic of Lela FLASHING the ring

Lela Rochon has been married to producer/director Antoine Fuqua for nearly 20 years. The Christian couple have three children together.

Antoine his one of the most famous Black directors in Hollywood. He's best known for directing the Oscar winning movie Training Day.

Two weeks ago the internet was rocked when images of the married Antoine went viral. The pics showed him kissing a bikini clad Nicole Murphy on the lips.

It could have meant the end of Lela and Antonie's 20 year marriage. But instead, the couple is choosing to work to save their relationship.

Lela's has been leaning on her close friends, including Pauletta Washington (wife of Denzel), during this difficult time, we're told.

One of Lela's friend's explained to MTO News, "Lela could end her marriage, but for what. As soon as she would leave that thot Nicole Murphy would get her husband."

The friend continued, "Whatever happened it was a mistake. Antoine loves his wife and his family and they are in counseling with [their church]."

But the friend added that Lela will only take Antoine back, if he can remain faithful. The friend continued, "They have a real marriage, not a Hollywood one."