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Yolanda Jourdan Zion, a transgender dancer who gained fame voguing on the Ballroom Circuit has passed away, MTO News has learned.

The exact cause of her death is not known, but Yolanda has spoken openly about mental health problems in the past, and some online suspect she may have committed suicide.

Here's a recent post from her Facebook, where she discusses her mental health struggles:


Yolanda has been a legend in the ballroom community, a community where LGBT dancers battle at Underground parties. She has a huge following in the Black gay community, and her friends say that Yolanda was always looking to cross-over, and gain "mainstream" fame.

Now she's finally getting the crossover success that she always dreamed of. This morning Yolanda is trending on Twitter worldwide.

May she rest in peace.

Here are some videos of Yolanda in action:

And here are pics of her:


Fans have been outpouring messages of love for the ballroom legend, one person wrote:

No wayyyy are you serious? This is absolutely heartbreaking. I literally was just watching one of her battles the other day.

Very tragic loss for ballroom.

I wonder what Kelly thinks of this i know they would feud here and there but they were sisters so i kno shes hurt

I hate this frfr just made me super sad.

Another fan had this to say:

I always felt so bad for Yolanda by the way she was dragged in the community. She could be messy and say shit that was wrong but who else did she have? Her pain was palpable. I pray she rests in peace because she damn sure didn’t have any here.