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Lee Daniels promised his fans that the recently canceled 'Star' series would not be coming to an end, and it seems that he's keeping to his word as he announces a 'Star' movie.

Daniels revealed the news in a video posted to his social media Friday, telling fans that the show will be making a return as a "movie of the week to wrap up things up for y' all."

"The bad news is that 'Star' is not getting picked up for series. Too long of a story to cry about. But the good news is that we're doing a movie of the week to wrap things up for you all. We're going to make something real special for you to scream about, with all of our cast members – even the dead ones."

'Star' debuted in December 2016 with Season 3 of 'Empire' as a lead-in. 'Empire' has also been canceled and the show's sixth season will be it's last.