LeBron James Spotted Out With His FAMILY . . . Kids Are TOO CUTE!!!

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LeBron took his wife and kids to the "Smallfoot" premiere in Los Angeles, California. LeBron recently moved his family to Los Angeles - and is enjoying the new L.A. culture.

He's now a fixture at movie premiere's - especially the family friendly ones. And you can tell by his wife Savannah's face, that she likes this new lifestyle.


The couple have already enrolled their two kids in school in Los Angeles. According to reports, LeBron plans on ending his career in Los Angeles with the Lakers.

Savannah is an entrepreneur, interior designer, businesswoman and philanthropist in her own right. In 2010, she launched the 'Home Court' furniture line in collaboration with American Signature. She currently acts as the Vice President of the LeBron James Family Foundation, based in Akron. As a community activist, her first project was to sponsor the prom dresses and accessories to 50 underprivileged senior girls from the Miami area through the 'I PROMISE' Makeover campaign in 2013. In March 2016, she announced her new mentoring program, 'Women of Our Future', which was first launched at her alma mater, Akron’s Buchtel High School.

Earlier this year even Halle Berry gave a shout out to LeBron, the Oscar winning actress was happy and excited that he had opened up his own SCHOOL...

Berry, 51, let James know how she really feels about his “revolutionary” school in an emotional message posted on her Instagram feed … and her words were ones of praise.

Earlier this summer it was announced that the Ohio native applauded the NBA star for his dedication to providing education to underprivileged youth in her hometown.

“I grew up in a small town in Oakwood, #Ohio, about 20 mi north of#Akron,” she wrote. “The idea that something as revolutionary as the @ipromiseschool has been brought to Ohio’s children has me overwhelmed with joy.”