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LEBRON JAMES PUT ON BLAST!!! Becky With The GOOD HAIR Went On Twitter . . . And Claims LeBron And His HOMIES . . . Tried To TAKE HER HOME!!! (Dang . . . Not Before The FINALS)


LeBron James is about to have a very UNHAPPY HOMELIFE, right before the NBA Finals. A woman is on Twitter putting Bron's business out in the streets.

Allegedly, the ladies ran into the Cavs when they were celebrating their CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP WIN over the Toronto Raptors last week.

According to the girls, LeBron kept talking about one of their BREASTS, and then was trying to get them to go home with him and his friends.

How reckless of him . . .

Here is one pic of the girl.

LeBron is married to Savannah Brinson, since 2013. Back in April, rumors swirled that he was getting it in with Instagram model Rachel Bush.