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LeBron James MOM In The Club After Loss . . . Wearing TIGHT Outfit . . . Looks GREAT!!


LeBron James is a freak of nature - genetically that is. And his mother Gloria has some pretty good genes too.

Despite all the NEGATIVE commentary online about Bron's mom - Gloria is a really GOOD LADY. She had LeBron when she was just a teenager, and the two basically grew up together.

And a lot o fthe rumors that you har about her OUT IN THE STREETS really is not true.

In fact Miss Gloria is more of a home body than anything else. That being said - she does go out from time to time.

And MTO News found a recent pic of her at an Akron club - looking cute. The outfit, while tight - is very appropriate for her.

Here is the image

And here is Miss Gloria congratulating her son for his GREAT performance:

When she was 16, Gloria gave birth to her only son, LeBron Raymone James, on December 30, 1984. Through LeBron, she has three grandchildren: Bronny, Bryce, and Zhuri, with his wife Savannah.