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LeBron James Accused Of Having 'SECRET' Baby . . . Just Like Drake!! (DETAILS)


LeBron James is coming under fire - after his mother's ex-boyfriend is rekindling rumors, that Bron had a SECRET BABY. The news is coming from his mother Gloria James' ex-boyfriend -a Miami rapper named Lambo.

Five years ago, a local Cleveland reporter named Sharon Reed announced that she was pregnant. At the time Sharon did not reveal the father of her baby. Well now Lambo is suggesting that LeBron is the father.

He claims that he's writing a book - and plans on spilling tea on LeBron's entire family. Look what he put on Instagram:


Since giving birth, Sharon has come out and CATEGORICALLY DENIED that LeBron James is her babys father . But in a recent interview, she also said that if people want to believe that her baby is Lebron's "that's ok,."