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Lebron James Accused Of Dropping 'Gang Signs' - Chicago Gang Threatens Him!!

Last night Lebron James won his fourth NBA championship, and cemented himself as one of the best players in NBA history!


But in doing so, he upset many in Chicago's largest gang, the Gangster Disciples, MTO News has learned.

And some in the dangerous gang think that Lebron was deliberately taunting them with his hand gestures - and are now threatening the NBA star on social media.

The Gangster Disciples are Chicago's biggest gang - and they typically wear the colors of the NBA's Chicago Bulls, and Michael Jordan.

Lebron has been trying to surpass Jordan, as the NBA's best player. 

And some GD members believe that Lebron is trolling them -  by attempting to show his dominance over Michael Jordan and by throwing up the gang sign of the Gangster Disciple's biggest rivals, the Gangster Disciples Killers.

The hand sign, called "The Rakes" is seen as one of the most disrespectful things you can do to a Gangster Disciple member.

Here's a video of Lebron last night, appearing to throw up the gang sign, as he shakes hands with Dion Waiters.


Here is the response on Twitter from people from Chicago: