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'Leaving Neverland' director Dan Reed has been forced to admit that the dates given on the documentary by one of Michael Jackson’s accusers in his film are wrong.

The news comes after Jackson biographer Mike Smallcombe revealed the train station at the singer’s ranch was not built until 1994.


'Leaving Neverland' accuser, James Safechuck, alleged that Jackson abused him back in 1988 through 1992 in several homes in the Neverland Ranch including a room in the Neverland station, which would not have been possible.

"Yeah there seems to be no doubt about the station date. The date they have wrong is the end of the abuse."

Smallcombe spoke to the UK's Mirror where he blasted Reed’s response as “embarrassing." 

Smallcombe revealed: “Because the story has been debunked, it appears Reed is now suddenly wanting to change Safechuck’s timeline himself.

“Firstly, I’m shocked that he's spoken on Safechuck’s behalf. And secondly, it’s embarrassing that he feels he has to now change the narrative of the film – which is that the alleged abuse stopped in 1992 – all because part of it has been disproved.


“That’s what happens when you take allegations like that at face value, and make no attempts to scrutinize and investigate whether they are true."