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According to a new document, prepared by a doctor in connection with the United States government, it is possible (and maybe even likely) that almost half a million Americans will die from the coronavirus

And it gets worse. The scenario calls for 4.8 million Americans being hospitalized and 96 million infected.

Those figures come from leaked slides from a presentation made by prominent virologist Dr. James Lawler, a University of Nebraska Medical Center professor.

The slides, which were from a presentation that Dr. Lawler gave to government doctors,  show the spread of the coronavirus may be far worse than officials claim, MTO News has learned.

The extraordinary high number of deaths and hospitalizations fly in the face of claims made by President Trump, who has maintained on many occasions that the risk to Americans is 'low.'

Dr. Lawler estimates that people with heart conditions have a one in 10 chance of dying from the disease, compared to less than one in a 100 among healthy individuals

Right now the US has around 300 cases of infection and 17 confirmed deaths. But the government has tested fewer than 1,000 people - so the number of infected Americans is likely much higher.