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Leaked ALLEGED Pic Of Cardi B's Baby Culture . . . Cute Kid . . . But Cardi's UPSET!!!


An alleged pic of Cardi B's baby Kulture is circulating online - after being shared by one of Cardi's most POPULAR fan sites. The person who posted the image claims to have obtained the image from Cardi's sister Hennessey.

In recent weeks, Cardi told her fans that she was NOT going to release an official pic of baby Kulture - until her daughter got older. But that choice may now have been taken from Cardi.

And we're told that Cardi B and her camp are "furious" that someone is circulating the picture. MTO News learned that Cardi and her team have been working hard to have the picture scrubbed from social media.

The picture is still available on one of Cardi's biggest fan sites Instagram page.