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6ix9ine is itching to be released from prison but he still hasn't applied for bail and here's the reason why.

Last month, 6ix9ine's former lawyer, Lance Lazzaro revealed that 6ix9ine was putting together a $1.5 million bail package in a bid to have him released from the prison. But shortly after, it was announced that Lazzaro would be forced to leave the case and 6ix9ine's legal team as it was revealed that he had previously represented 6ix9ine's co-defendants Faheem "Crippy" Walter and Kifano "Shotti" Jordan.

The information was unknown until Shotti's lawyer spilled the beans.

"The lawyers for two of the defendants raised issues of conflict of interest that Lance Lazzaro had represented two other co-defendants in the case and the judge removed him from the case until the conflicts could be waived by Mr. Hernandez and also by [6ix9ine's co-defendants'] respective clients," Tekashi's lawyer Dawn Florio told XXL.

She continues, "So until that could be done, Lance is not representing Daniel Hernandez [6ix9ine] right now because of what happened, of course, we're going to postpone the bail hearing until Lance can come back on the case."

6ix9ine's next pre-trial conference will now take place on Wed., Feb. 27and his trial date begins on Sept. 4.