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We love Lauryn Hill - but she's not known for her timekeeping and once again the star has been forced to issue an apology to her fans for running late to her set at the Playground Festival in Glasgow.

The lateness led to a surprisingly short set for ticket buyers:

"My sincere apologies Glasgow for the late show and shorter set. I appreciate the energy and support I did receive from the great crowd, and the patience of the promoters. I hope to come back and make it up to the Glasgow audience," she wrote.

"It is only with great respect and Love for my art and the audience that I take the stage every performance. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time in Europe, the crowds have been great and incredibly receptive. I look forward to my upcoming shows in Poland, Italy, Denmark, and the UK. Again, thank you, and my sincerest apologies for that shorter set.

Respectfully, ♥️ MLH"

Fans were obviously upset over being short-changed.

Somebody on Lauryn's team needs to set her watch ahead by a couple of hours so she can make it on time to her shows.