Lauryn Hill Responds To Daughter Selah's Claim She 'Beat Her Like A Slave'

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Lauryn Hill has responded to her daughter Selah's claims that she beat her on "some save sh*t" when she was a child, in an open letter posted to social media.

"Selah has every right to express herself, I encourage it, but she also got the discipline that black children get because we are held to a different standard.The discipline was seen through the lens of a young child who also had no place to reconcile me as mom, and me as a larger than life public figure," she said. "It took me a while to realize that my children, and probably everyone who knew me saw me in this duality. To me, I am just me. If I am guilty of anything it is disciplining in anger, not in disciplining." 

Earlier this week, Selah opened up about the trauma of growing up without her father, Rohan Marley, and of being severely disciplined by the former Fugees singer.