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Lauryn Hill has come under fire again, for turning up to two European shows two hours late, and then only performing for 30 minutes.

Lauryn turned up for her show in France two hours late only to do a repeat performance in Brussels. Ms. Hill is notorious for being late to her shows. 

And if people still expect her to show up on stage on time, then whose fault is it at this point?

The below apology was from last month.

Maybe promoters should just tell Lauryn that the show begins two hours earlier, and see if her lateness will result in her actually showing up on time?

We all have a friend that's always late and if a party starts at 9 pm, we tell them it starts at 7 - don't we?

Either way, Lauryn hopped on social media to apologize for her tardiness. Fans weren't really impressed by her excuses. She really does need to get it together!