Latina Lesbian: Me And Megan Thee Stallion Were In Love w/ Each Other!! (DETAILS)


Megan Thee Stallion's beautiful ex-girlfriend is coming forward, and talking about their passionate love affair, MTO News has confirmed. And according to the Latina lesbian, her and Megan were not just having a sexual relationship, but were actually in love with each other.


Instagram model Yasmin Estrada, an open lesbian, went on IG Live last night and spilled tea on her ex-girlfriend, Megan Thee Stallion. According to Yasmin, her and Megan briefly dated - and the two ladies were allegedly in love with each other.

Yasmin got drunk and started spilling all kinds of tea about her relationship with Megan. And Megan was there listening along with millions of fans and MTO News confirmed that Meg also commented on Yasmin's Live.


So why did the couple break up. The beauty explained, Megan was in love with d**k more than she was in love with me."

Yasmin and Meg are still friends today, but it's clear that Yasmin would like to rekindle their previous romance.

Here are some pics of Yasmin: