Beautiful Latina Model: Stop Killing Black Men - I Want Mixed Kids!!


A Latina instagram model named Victoria Moore is going viral this morning, after posting a controversial Black Lives Matter post on Instagram. MTO News has confirmed that Victoria attended the Los Angeles BLM protest over the weekend.


Ands while at the event, she carried a sign saying "stop shooting [Black Men] I want mixed kids." Victoria claims that she prefers to date Black men, and was there to support the cause.

But many Black people on social media didn't appreciate her sign - and felt that it was racially insensitive and inappropriate.

Here's the post:


Here are some images of the pretty Latina model:


Los Angeles saw its largest demonstration so far flood the streets of Hollywood on Sunday. According to Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, which organized the action along with BLD PWR and the rapper YG, and estimated 100,000 people attended the march. 

The throng of protesters stretched unbroken from the TCL Chinese Theatre all the way to Vine Street and beyond. In addition to the march in Hollywood, Sunday saw dozens of other protests throughout the city, including in downtown Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Compton.