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Latin Kings Gang Helps Police Control Looting - Leader KILLED In Chicago! (Pics)


A Leader of the Latin Kings gang was shot and killed last night, after the gang made the unprecedented pivot, and began helping the police control the looters.

Here are photos of the Latin King leader, who was shot in a drive-by. Witnesses at the scene say that the shooters were African American males, who appeared to be gang affiliated.


Over the weekend, members of the Latin Kings gang in Chicago began patrolling the streets - and stopping people from looting. Here are some videos of the gang members policing their community:

But somewhere along the line - the Latin King's "policing", turned into racial profiling and harassment. Dozens of Black people in Chicago claim that the Latino gang was targeting innocent Black people and assaulting them - while calling them "looters."

Here are some of the reports of Latino gang members in Chicago targeting Black people:

Well last night, the Black gang members struck back - and assassinated one of the leaders of the Latino gang.