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Legendary NBA star Scottie Pippen's ex-wife Larsa unveiled her new face, after multiple surgical procedures. And Larsa's new face now looks stunningly similar to her good friend Kim Kardashian.

Actually, the two ladies are now almost indistinguishable.

Larsa, 44, recently had a few surgical procedures done to her face. She had some botox, a few lip and cheek injections, and a couple of other things. On paper - those seem like minor procedures.

But the result of that work - is well, stunning. She now looks almost exactly like Kim Kardashian - who is 6 years younger than Larsa.

Here's what Larsa used to look like:


And here she is now:


We can't help but think that Larsa underwent all those procedures so that she could look like Kim.

If that's true, then we wonder what Kim thinks about Larsa copying her face . . . 

Despite Larsa's "inspiration" for her face, according to Hollywood Life: 

"not only is Larsa Pippen, 44, excited for her bestie Kim Kardashian, 38, and totally supporting her dream of becoming a lawyer, she thinks it would be “great” to be represented by her. While at the official launch party for the boohooMAN x Quavo collection on Apr. 10 at The Sunset Room in Los Angeles, Larsa told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY what she thinks about Kim studying for the bar exam. “I mean it’s in her pedigree,” she told us. “Her dad was a lawyer so, it just makes sense!” And when asked if she’d let Kim represent her, Larsa gushed, “I mean she has been representing me for a long time already, so yeah I think it would be great!”