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According to reports, the Los Angeles Police Department was investigating Nipsey Hussle before he was tragically gunned down by a former friend.

The joint probe, which also includes the Los Angeles city attorney’s office, focused on whether there was gang activity at the Nipsey’s strip mall, according to the New York Times.

The Time is reporting that the investigation has not ended and that authorities could be going after former business partners of Nipsey.

As part of the investigation, the city pressured Hussle’s former landlords to evict the rapper and his associates. Instead, the landlords sold the property earlier this year to Hussle and a group of investors for $2.5 million, according to public records.

The feds have been actively working to bring down Nipsey and are now going after his legacy and the empire he built for his children and his community.

A spokesman for the city attorney’s office said it could not comment about an open investigation.