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Lance Gross Says He's HAPPY . . . His Son Has DARK SKIN . . . Wife's Family Is UPSET!!!


Lance Gross took to social media yesterday to praise his new son, and his skin color. Lance told fans that he's happy that his son has brown skin - just like his daddy. Initially, people came out in support of Lance's post.

Just days after celebrating his own birthday, actor, husband and proud dad Lance Gross is now celebrating the birth of he and his wife Rebecca’s second child.

Gross took to Instagram early Tuesday morning to share that his celeb stylist Mrs. had given birth to their baby boy, Lennon Lorin Gross.

“Celebrated my born day on the 8th and today I’m celebrating my sons! God is good!,” he wrote as a caption under a graphic that shared the newborn’s name, birthdate and time.

But before long, the haters came out. Some people claiming to be distant relatives of Lancnce's wife - claim that they were "offended" by Lance's statement. Here's what Lance wrote online:

The comments, which came from two women who identifuy as biracial on their pages. Here's what they said:

Lance is wrong for making this a lite skinned vs dark skinned battle. He needs to be happy his son is healthy.

The other women wrote the following:

I'm Rebecca's cousin and I find what Lance said disrespectful to her and all lite skinned [people.]

Lance and Rebecca married in May 2015 and are proud parents to a daughter, Berkeley Brynn, who they welcomed in November 2014.

The couple shared that their family would grow by one on April Fools day 2018 and at their baby shower in May, shared that their little bundle of joy would be a boy.