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Lana Del Rey Responds To Racism Claims: God Bless & F*ck Off If You Don't Like the Post!!

Pop singer Lana Del Rey has responded to allegations that a post, singling out several Black female artists, was racist -- she tells those who don't like her post to "f*ck off."

"You can call me whatever," Del Rey says in the post. "I'm sorry that I didn't add one Caucasian, 100% Caucasian person into the mix of the women that I admire. It really says more about you than it does about me."

She continued, "I think that what's interesting is the very first time I decide to tell you anything about my life, or the fact that I'm writing books that chronicle that fragility, that 200,000 hateful, spiteful comments come in. My phone number leaked, and, you know, comments like 'You f*cking white b*tch It's the opposite of the spirit of advocate ... it's what causes fragility, but it's not gonna stop me, period," she said.

"Unfortunately," she added, "when you have a good heart, it doesn't always shine through, and you trudge on anyway. You make those personal reparations to heal your own family karmic lineage and the sickness of this country. Domestic abuse, mental health problems, the second epidemic that's arising out of this pandemic. It's a real thing. That's what I was talking about."

She added, "I'm not the enemy, and I'm definitely not racist, so don't get it twisted," she said to the camera. "Nobody gets to tell your story except for you, and that's what I'm gonna do in the next couple books. So God bless and, yeah, f*ck off if you don't like the post."

Peep the post below.